JST Connectors

Wire to Board, Board to Board, Wire to Wire, FFC & FPC Connectors, Ribbon IDC, Strip Terminals, Solderless Terminals, Splices / Jumpers / Tooling


Switch Air Metal Domes, Crimpflex Connectors, CMM Micro Connectors, DMM Micro Connectors, Cable Assemblies, FFC & FPC Cables, Jumper Cables, SMT LED’s

BH Electronics

DC-DC Power Products, Power Products, Signal Control Components, Test Baluns, Standard Geometries, Custom Magnetics & Assemblies, QTR-Pak, 8th-Pak, Mini-Pak, 20KHz to 1GHz


Graphic LCD, Alphanumeric LCD, STN, FSTN, TFT, OLED, Custom Glass


DC Fans, AC Fans, Blowers, Cross Flow Fans, 5, 12 or 48 VDC, AC Fans 25mm to 89 mm, Power Cords & Accessories, Heatsinks

Sierra Pacific

Latches / Hinges, Hasps, Cam Lock, Tie Downs, Pull Knobs / Handles, Door Holders, Bar Locks, Custom Hardware

Click Touch America

Membrane Switches, Graphic Overlays, Capacitive (CTS) Systems, Resistive (CFS) Systems, Clear Heating Film, Various Electrical Sensors, Complex Cutting & Printing, “Restored Keypad” Program